How Much is Overtime in NYC

How Much is Overtime in NYC?

The labor laws within the United States can get a bit confusing. There are federal laws, defined by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fair Labor

What Are the NY Labor Laws

What Are the NY Labor Laws?

The primary purpose of the New York Labor Law is to manage the relationship between workers and employees. Essentially, they define the duties and rights

Unpaid Wages in New York

Suing for Unpaid Wages in New York

Not paying workers for the work they’ve performed is illegal, but it still happens rather frequently. Often, the news that you’re not receiving your wages comes on the heels of a layoff. It means the wages you’re entitled to were taken away from you, and you lost your source of income. If an employer willfully fails to pay wages he or she owes you, you may file a lawsuit in court for double the amount of your unpaid wages.

Unpaid Wages Lawyer

Do I Need an Unpaid Wages Lawyer?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) punishes employers who refuse to pay and provides the remedies for workers who have unpaid wages from their employers. Depending on the relationship between your employer and you, it may be best to have a New York employment lawyer handle your case.

File an Unpaid Wages Claim in New York

How to File an Unpaid Wages Claim in New York

New York’s employers must pay their workers all of the minimum wages and overtime they are owed under the FLSA. In case of their failure to pay you, you should begin to inform yourself about the New York employment law, as well as go through these necessary steps you will need to take in order to prepare and successfully file an unpaid wages claim.